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CAPS' Students Present at Undergraduate Research Symposium

Delaney Freeman
Davon Valverde
James McAuley
Martina Kvitkovicova
Adam Marney

Five CAPS' undergrads presented at FSU’s 18th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Delaney Freeman presented research on Calibration of Temperature Sensors at Cryogenic Temperatures. Davon Valverde presented research on Characterization of the Thermal Transition of Solid Nitrogen. James McAuley presented Research and Development of 3D Printed Spacers for Use in Superconducting Power Systems. Martina Kvitkovicova presented research on Dielectric Breakdown Strength of Cryogenic Gaseous Helium. Adam Marney presented research on Total AC Losses in YBCO Superconducting Coil. All of these students have been working in Sastry Pamidi’s group under the supervision of Chul Kim, Jozef Kvitkovic, Zhenyu “Kevin” Zhang, and Peter Cheetham. More information about the Undergraduate Research Symposium can be found here.

Great job undergrads! 

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