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Travel Information

Please use this University Travel Reference Guide for a general overview of FSU's travel policies.

Be mindful of the following policies when planning travel:

  • An approved travel request is required before traveling. Please reach out to as soon as you become aware of your upcoming travel so that our office can submit your request.
  • Travel must be booked through Concur or with World Travel Services in order to receive proper reimbursement.
  • Please add Aoife Trotter, Rachel Brouwer, Angelina Lanh, and Sumanth Reddy Karri as delegates to your Concur account once you become aware of upcoming travel. Select the first six boxes next to each delegate's name in order to grant them the necessary permissions.
  • Please be aware of University policies regarding rental cars and flight tickets. Rental cars must be compact. Flight must be nonrefundable main cabin, economy, coach class tickets. If these accommodations are unavailable, please document and screenshot any information about this in order to properly reimburse you for out-of-policy expenses.
  • If you are seeking reimbursement for allowable, out-of-pocket expenses, please provide receipts with proof of personal payment. A receipt with the last four digits of your card number is preferable. Additionally, please keep itemized receipts whenever possible.


How to Access Concur:

  1. Log into your myFSu page and click the "Faculty and Staff" button on the right, if applicable.
  2. Use the myFSU links section to access Concur. The Concur symbol is a white letter "C" on a garnet background. 
  3. Click the Concur icon and you will be automatically directed to and logged into Concur. If you are prompted to enter a username and password, please contact to troubleshoot.
  4. To add delegates, please refer to our delegate help guide attached on this page.
  5. Links and customer service about World Travel Services will be available on the front page of your Concur account under the "Company Notes" drop-down menu.

Travel Checklist:

  1. Before Traveling:

a. Send an email to to receive a travel request form. Travel request forms can also be found..... Once you have access to a travel request form, please fill it out with your travel information and return it to

i. Each section of the travel request form is required. Please make sure to thoroughly document which expenses you expect to use a personal card for, and which expenses you would like to use a T-card or Lodge card for. See the "Payment Types" section for more information about these options.

ii. Please be sure to disclose personal travel in advance when you submit your travel request. 

b. Front office staff will enter your travel request in Concur. Please continue monitoring your request in Concur until you see that it has been approved. Once your request is approved, you may book your travel accommodations. 

i. Please use the travel booking tab on the left side of your Concur homepage or call World Travel Services to book with an agent over the phone. If you would like to use the Lodge card to pay, select that option as your payment method. Otherwise, please enter your personal card number. If you have elected to use a T-card, please let us know on your request form and we will coordinate from there.


2. During Travel:

a. Please keep all receipts from personal charges. Receipts should be itemized and demonstrate proof of personal payment. Meal receipts are unnecessary, since you will be reimbursed via a daily rate.

i. Receipts may include: 

- Airfare

- Hotel (receipt must be itemized)

- Rental car

- Conference registration fee (not needed if paid with P-card)

- Transportation (i.e. Uber, taxi, train, etc.)

- Parking fees

- Miscellaneous expenses

- Conference agenda (if applicable)

b. When checking out of your hotel, request an itemized receipt of your stay.


3. After Travel:

a. Contact to let our front office staff know that you are ready to begin your reimbursement. They will provide you with an expense report form, which is also linked..... Please return this form along with separately attached copies of your receipts. Please also provide a conference agenda, if applicable. 

b. If you had personal travel dates, your reimbursement may take longer and require further information from you. 

c. If you have accommodations with the University that allow flight or rental car upgrades, please let our travel team know under the "Additional Information" section in your expense report form.


Payment Types

  • Personal card: your credit or debit card of choice can be used to pay for any travel expense, and you will later receive reimbursement after providing receipts. Expenses will be paid from your bank account initially. 
  • T-card: T-cards can be used for hotel and rental car expenses without incurring charges on your personal bank accounts. Rachel Brouwer is our office's T-card holder, so you will coordinate T-card expenses with her. 

- Please note that an authorization is required to book accommodations on a T-card, so you will need to submit your travel request well in advance of your upcoming travel if you are planning to use this method.

  • Lodge card: Lodge cards can be used to book flights in Concur without incurring charges on your personal bank accounts. To use a Lodge card, book your flight in Concur and select Lodge card from the drop-down payment options when checking out.


Forms and Guides:

We are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about your travel. Please contact to speak with our front staff.

Last Updated: Thursday, December 8, 2022 at 2:37 PM