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    The Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) building

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    Energy Conversion and Integration

    CAPS engages in specialized research in control characterization, analysis, and assessment of systems that exhibit a high degree of nonlinearity

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    High Power Density Prototype

    A 60 kW SiC PV converter with peak efficiency of 99.2%, and power density of 27 W/in3 and 3 kW/kg

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    Advanced Simulation

    CAPS utilizes special purpose multi-processor computer systems that are optimized for real-time power system simulations

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    Mega-Watt Power System Test Bed

    The CAPS facility includes a 24,000 V DC power testing system, the most powerful of its kind available at a university research center throughout the world

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    Superconductivity and Cryogenics

    CAPS research promises significant advancements in high temperature superconductors and materials that will help produce, transmit and use electricity at much higher capacity, with greater stability, increased efficiency and at lower costs


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The Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) is a multidisciplinary research center organized to perform basic and applied research to advance the field of power systems technology. CAPS emphasis is on application to electric utility, defense, and transportation, as well as, developing an education program to train the next generation of power systems engineers. The research focuses on electric power systems modeling and simulation, power electronics and machines, control systems, thermal management, cyber-security for power systems, high temperature superconductor characterization and electrical insulation research.

With support from the U.S. Navy, Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the U.S. Department of Energy, CAPS has established a unique test and demonstration facility with one of the largest real-time digital power systems simulators along with 5 MW AC and DC test beds for hardware in the loop simulation. The center is supported by a research team comprised of dedicated and highly skilled researchers, scientists, faculty, engineers, and students, recruited from across the globe, with strong representation from both the academic/research community and industry.