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Engineering student gets unparalleled research opportunity at CAPS

Undergraduate students across the country often get the chance to help a favorite professor with research. But few get the experience that Taylor Stamm had in working with Florida State University’s Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS).

“My work here at CAPS has helped me develop a much deeper understanding of the coursework given to me at FSU and has taught me how to use various hands-on tools to develop research from the ground up,” said Stamm, a senior electrical engineering major in the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. “Not only have my grades risen because of this deeper understanding, but I also have gained practical knowledge and experience not normally obtainable through classes alone that I can take with me into my jobs in the future.” Over five semesters as a research assistant at CAPS, he’s helped develop superconducting cables, performed high voltage testing, set up experiments to calibrate cryogenic temperature sensors and much more. Through this experience, Stamm had the opportunity to become a co-author on two research publications.

Stamm, who will pursue a master’s degree at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering, has already completed an internship at Duke Energy and will work at Northrop Grumman next summer.

“I could not be more appreciative of my research experience here at CAPS, and I recommend to any undergraduate student to pursue research; even volunteering to work for free for a semester,” he said. “The experience alone will pay off: nearly every employer I have talked to during career fairs have been impressed with the experience I have gained through assisting with research.”

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Undergraduates Taylor Stamm and Davon Valverde have worked as research assistants to faculty members at CAPS

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