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FSU Foundation Fund in Memory of Dr. Mischa Steurer

Dr. Michael "Mischa" Steurer (Mark Wallheiser/FAMU-FSU College of Engineering)

On Aug. 27, 2023, we lost a beloved member of the Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) and Florida State University (FSU) family, Dr. Michael "Mischa" Steurer. 

Dr. Mischa Steurer was an extraordinary engineer and researcher. He was passionate about his work at The Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS). Dr. Steurer led a vibrant life that included underwater rugby, playing the mandolin and tending to his farm and animals. While often busy, he always took the time to connect with others and share his knowledge. Your donation to this fund will allow Dr. Steurer’s legacy to live on by supporting engineering students for many years to come.

If you would like to donate to the FSU Foundation Fund created in memory of Dr. Mischa Steurer, please click the link below to donate to the Dr. Mischa Steurer CAPS Development Fund (F09507).

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Mischa was an extraordinary engineer and researcher who left Austria for FSU’s Center for Advanced Power Systems (CAPS) in 2001. He built a powerhouse team at CAPS and developed a process called power hardware-in-the-loop simulation, a way to test real electric power hardware at high voltages and currents. 

His work attracted the attention of the U.S. Navy, and the technology pioneered at CAPS has continuously helped military decision-makers evaluate equipment during its research and development phase. It also interested major industry players such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, TECO Westinghouse and more. 

In 2018, Mischa received the Solberg Award from the American Society of Naval Engineers for his work on power hardware-in-the-loop.

And though Mischa was plenty busy with his work – he authored 26 patents – he also engaged in several passions outside of his work. He played the mandolin in a bluegrass band called Coon Bottom Creek. He also trained with the Tallahassee Tarpon underwater rugby team that he founded in 2019. 

A Celebration of Life service was held for Mischa on September 9, 2023 at Bevis Funeral Home, watch the service below:

A second Celebration of Life service was held at CAPS on September 28, 2023, watch the service below:

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